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Victoria Beckham says she has been harassed and physically bullied at school

Victoria Beckham is at the heart of the 2019/2020 Fall-Winter issue of the UK version of Glamor magazine. On this occasion, the 45-year-old fashion icon confided in on his childhood, and confessed to having been a victim of school bullying.

She is certainly one of the most influential women in the world. A true fashion icon for generations, Victoria Beckham is the cover of the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 issue of the British version of Glamor magazine . Thus, the 45-year-old businesswoman confided in her family life, her future projects or her frenetic daily life, which presented her last fashion show at London Fashion Week on Sunday, September 15th.

In complete transparency, Victoria Beckham told how she accepts time and how she learns to like old age marks on her body, such as her wrinkles. The former Spice Girl has made several confidences about her life as a mother, she who is fusional with each of her children. Moreover, Victoria Beckham is committed to being a positive example for all her small tribe , as she confided in the columns of the magazine.

David Beckham’s wife explained transparently that she was harassed at school while she was a child . In her early years, Victoria Beckham did not have many friends, and was repeatedly physically abused by her classmates , as the Sun reports . A recurring violence that drove her to lose confidence in herself , and not feel safe with her body.

“I use my own experiences”

Not wanting her children to suffer the same trauma, Victoria Bekcham does not hesitate to talk to them about it. “I’ve been harassed a lot at school, both mentally and physically, and the fact that I can talk to Harper [his 8-year-old daughter] about all this and how nice girls should be to other girls. .. I use my own experiences “ explained the mother of four children.

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