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The first cannabis cafe in the United States is opened in Hollywood

The first cannabis cafe in the United States is opened in Hollywood

West Hollywood has just opened a restaurant where customers can use marijuana.

A special new restaurant has just opened in West Hollywood, California, the first of its kind in the United States where guests can dine, enjoy a drink and consume marijuana.

In this trendy café with 240 seats for people over 21, guests discover a cannabis menu as a catalog of wines. The "Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe" embraces the hope of shading the famous coffee shops of Amsterdam.

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Qualified specialists from "Flower Hosts" or "budtenders" (word play between & # 39; bartender & # 39; and & # 39; bud & # 39 ;, which refers to cannabis heads), advise clients, connoisseurs or novices about marijuana varieties, their potential and their taste, with their meal.

Followers from all over the country

Pre-rolled joints starting at $ 18 each are on the menu, very powerful concentrates, some cannabis foods and accessories, such as water pipes and pipes.

"I never thought I would be part of the story that is written, it's great," says Andrea Drummer, the chef, while not losing sight of his customers who dine on Monday the day before the official opening.

"It is necessary to have a safe place to consume together," she continues.

"The only other place where I know where it happened is Amsterdam."

Adepts came from all over the country and a few even crossed the Atlantic from Britain for the official launch on Tuesday, the official says.

This baptism of fire is not a coincidence in a country where cannabis – which is banned at federal level – has been legalized in many states in recent years.

& # 39; The world's first legal marijuana market, California legalized recreational cannabis use in 2018 and caused a rush of green gold, with a multi-billion dollar industry.

Seven other comparable bistros are expected to open in West Hollywood soon.

"If you go to Amsterdam, they have one every 3 meters," says 22-year-old Derek Bollella, who calls the opening of the café "excellent idea".

Antonela Balaguer, 23 years old, not far away with a friend, is not unhappy that he finally has a cafe where consumers can float and enjoy "good stoned food".

"I could certainly come here every day," she says. "I would use cannabis every day if I could."

"It's the best the United States has introduced"

The forty "Flower Hosts" are well trained to keep control, Mrs. Drummer promises.

"Our hosts are very capable of asking guests where they have their consumption level," she says.

"You go to a bar and you know the breaking point for someone who ordered five whiskeys, so you discuss it if that's the case."

Matt Kirschner is dithyrambic.

"It is best that the United States has been in our culture for a while," says the 22-year-old law student who smokes his joint and a mac and cheese and a chicken sandwich with a nibble friend.

"We are pretty devastated there," he says with a smile.

"We enjoy the day, the music is good, the weather is nice and we are in California," he says.

"Life is Beautiful"

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