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In Hollywood the restaurant of the stars Musso & Frank celebrated its centenary

In Hollywood the restaurant of the stars Musso & Frank celebrated its centenary

The Musso & Frank restaurant is one of the oldest in Hollywood. – Patrick Rideaux / Rex F / REX / SIPA

Charlie Chaplin to Quentin
Tarantino, most Hollywood stars have visited the Musso & Frank restaurant in Los Angeles,
Location that also ended up in the legend of the cinema and which celebrated its centenary on Friday.

The restaurant is proud to treat unknown guests and celebrities, but admits to making an exception when Tarantino came to ask for a favor. For his latest film Once upon a time … in Hollywood, the director wanted to privatize the establishment for five days, the time to film
Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Al Pacino enjoy Sour Whiskey and Bloody Mary leaning on his legendary bar.

Tarantino is a normal one

"We had never closed the restaurant for a movie. But when Quentin came to see us and told us what he was thinking about, we wanted to be part of it," said restaurant owner Mark Echeverria. We love Quentin for life, for death. He has been coming for a long time. "

Located on Hollywood's famous Hollywood Boulevard, Musso & Frank is one of many historic sites that underline the film of Tarantino, an ode to his childhood in Los Angeles in the 1960s.

Charlie Chaplin came on horseback

Many others before him had adopted the restaurant that is known for its discretion and its dark wood paneling. There are countless stars who have used his red leather couches, Charlie Chaplin who rode on Buster Keaton who turned around Mover fridge in 1922.

He has continued to attract his share of icons in recent decades, including Humphrey Bogart and Rita Hayworth, then Marilyn Monroe and Steve McQueen. Writers such as Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck and Francis Scott Fitzgerald have also included the restaurant and martinis in their novels.

A star on Hollywood Boulevard

The current chef, J.P. Amateau remembers him from a meeting with a different kind of celebrity: the former British prime minister. "Margaret Thatcher, she ordered lamb chops! She came to see me and she wanted to know what chopping was and where the lamb came from," he said.

Musso & Frank, from a century of good and loyal service, became the first restaurant with a star on Hollywood Boulevard on Friday.

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