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Eminem Net Worth in 2020

$US200 million

Overview of Eminem Net Worth

Real Name/Full NameMarshall Bruce Mathers III
Other Names/Stage Names:Slim shady, Double M, M&M
Birth Date:17th October 1972
Height:1.73m/ 5 ft 8 in
Marital Status: Divorced, formerly married to Kimberly Anne "Kim" Scott
Children: Three daughters (Hailie Jade Scott (biological), Alaina Marie Mathers (adopted), Whitney Scott Mathers(adopted))
Siblings:Three siblings (Sarah Mathers (Sister), Michael Mathers (Brother). Nathan Kane Samara (Brother)
Source of Wealth:Rap Artist, Producer, Songwriter
Social Media Profiles:https://www.instagram.com/eminem

Eminem’s Biography/Profile (Early Life, Childhood, Family, Social Media Profile)

Eminem, a legendary American rapper, was ranked 83rd in the list of “100 Greatest Artists of All Times” by the American Magazine “Rolling Stone”. He also worked as an actor, a songwriter, and a producer but his work as a rapper overpowers all other career paths he ever tried. Here is a look at his life, Times & Eminem Net Worth in 20q9.

Eminem’s Childhood:

PHOTO @Eminem had a Turbulent Childhood

Marshall Bruce Mathers lll or Eminem, as we later came to know him, was born on 17th October 1972 in Missouri. Eminem’s mother was just 15 when he was born, and his father abandoned them soon after his birth. His mother had a tough time making two ends meet. As a child, Eminem never had a stable place that he could call his home. They were always shifting towns and changing homes given his drug-addict mother’s inability to run a household. He spent his childhood on the move until eventually, they settled in Detroit.

Struggling to survive as a lonely and bullied child, Eminem performed poorly at school in all subjects except for English. Also, he found solace in comic books and planned to become a comic book artist. Perhaps that is when he discovered his gift of gab that later on led him to where he stands today.

Eminem’s Early Life:

Eminem started rapping at the age of fourteen and took up M&M as his stage name. He would sneak into nearby schools to participate in rap battles at lunchtime. Hip hop and rapping are where Eminem found his calling. He began participating in open mics and slowly entered the Detroit hip-hop scene. However, he faced much backlash from his fellow rappers because of his race.

Meanwhile, he flunked thrice in 9th grade and eventually decided to quit school. After this, he threw himself headfirst into making a career as a rapper. He channelized all the disillusionment and angst he felt in his songs, and that eventually became a characteristic trait of his songs. After the birth of his daughter in 1995, Eminem’s hustle gained a new enthusiasm. He started working in a restaurant, cooked and washed dishes and along with that, continued rapping. In 1997 he participated in Rap Olympics and stood second, this is where he got noticed by Dr Dre, after which there was no turning back.

Eminem’s Family and Feuds:

All families are complicated, and Eminem’s is even more so. The dramatic feuds in his family have come out in public several times. He has had a troubled relationship with his mother Debbie Mathers, who he claims abused her as a child. She went on to publish a book titled, “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem” in which she accused her son of lying about his troubled childhood for fame, and this further worsened their ties.

Eminem does not maintain any contact with his father Marshall Bruce Mathers II, whom he could never forgive for abandoning him. His relationship with his former wife, whom he met at a house party when they were teenagers, could also not stand the test of time. They got married twice, and each time it culminated into bitter and ugly separation.

At present Eminem is single and shares the custody of his three daughters Hailie Jade Scott, Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers with his former wife, Kimberly Scott. While Hailie is his biological daughter, Aliana is his former wife’s twin sister’s daughter who was adopted by Eminem after her mother died of drug abuse. Whitney is his former wife’s daughter from another partner who has also been taken by Eminem.

Eminem Instagram & Other Social Media Profile:

PHOTO @Instagram of Eminem

Although Eminem has accounts on popular social media platforms like Instagram, facebook and twitter yet he has stayed away from social media for years. His accounts only post updates of his work, merchandise, and tours. He does not upload any personal pictures on these platforms or even interact with his fans regularly, the way most of the celebrities do today. However, he has over 24 million followers on Instagram and 22 million on Twitter.

Checkout Eminem Instagram Profile Here

Eminem’s Net Worth 2020: Career, Business/Brands:

Eminem’s Net Worth is expected to be around $200 million

Eminem’s Brands and Businesses:

Eminem has built a massive empire on the foundation of his music. He has made quite a fortune as an entrepreneur, but he keeps his business ventures, other than those directly related to his music, reasonably private. The American hip hop artist has his own recording company called Shady records and significant property holdings. He has built his fortune on smart stock investments and profitable endorsement deals. He is also the owner of the “Fat Eminem Burger” chain in Washington; a Football Team called the “Saint Joseph Angels,” has launched his brand of Vodka which goes by the name of Pure Wondereminem – US.

Eminem than further established forages into the fashion business and started a top-selling fragrance called “With Love from Eminem” and a fashion series named “Eminem Seduction.”

Eminem: Private Assets

PHOTO @Mirror.co.uk

The publicly known private assets of Eminem are his massive mansion in Clinton Township, Michigan and his covetable collection of luxury cars which include Porsche and Ferrari models. The rap artist also prides on his collection of most sought-after sneakers and has collaborated with many brands to create an exclusive line of sneakers. He owns a customized pair from Air Jordan, Nike, and Air Maxed.

Eminem: Luxury Cars

PHOTO @Medium.com

Eminem’s Michigan mansion has a huge garage and parking lot in the east wing of the property where he keeps his excellent collection of luxury cars. He reportedly owns two Porsches a Carrera GT and a 911 GT3 RS 4.0, a Ford GT, an Audi R8 Spyder and 2x Ferraris a 599 GTO, and a 430 Scuderia.

Eminem: Luxury Home

PHOTO @WXYZy Rochester Hills Mansion of Eminem

Eminem is known to have owned two homes. The one in which he lives is an 8900sq ft mansion in Clinton Township, Michigan that he purchased for $1,483,500 in 2000.

Eminem also bought a 17000 Sq Ft mansion for $4.75 million in Rochester Hills. He lived in his Michigan house, and the Rochester Hills mansion was meant to be an occasional getaway. It was popularly known as the “Kmart Mansion,” named after its previous owner who was the chairman of Kmart. However, Eminem recently sold in 2017 at a loss for $2million.

Eminem: Love Life

PHOTO @Marion Curtis/DMI/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

Eminem’s on and off relationship with his X wife, to whom he got married twice, has been very public as he often mentioned her in his hateful songs. She was his teenage love, and they also had a daughter together, but their marriage couldn’t last long. They also struggled with drug abuse and mental health issues. The estranged couple is now divorced and shares the custody of their three children, one biological and two adopted.

Eminem: Awards and Achievements

PHOTO @Instagram of Eminem

According to Eminem’s official website, he has won 9 Grammys and 18 MTV awards in many categories including best rap song, best album, best lyricist and best label recording to name a few. Eminem has also been awarded the prestigious academy award or an “Oscar” for his single, “Lose yourself.”

Eminem: Philanthropic Works and Charity

Eminem supports many charities, but his philanthropic work never been publicized. He established The Marshall Mathers Foundation which funds several causes including education, AIDS charities, and food banks. He also funds arts organizations such as Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit and other local charities of Detroit to support and uplift the disadvantaged youth.

Eminem Net Worth in 2020

$US200 million

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