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Cinema: "Joker", the Hollywood version of Yellow Vests – Politics

Cinéma: «Joker», les Gilets jaunes version Hollywood

In one week, the Joker film has collected more than one and a half million spectators in France. This is the fourth best start of the year. In the United States he is in first place for two weeks at the cash register.

The spectators of the film by Todd Phillips, prankster, released last week in theaters, does not want us. Here is a scene that reveals nothing of the plot: Arthur Fleck, poor man with psychiatric disorders, is confronted with a social worker, who he hopes will be able to alleviate his suffering. This call for help encounters cuts that have been determined by the government. The crates are empty. All they have left is a flurry of discussion about an era – the early 1980s – and a city – New York – that is not going well. “People have no idea. The times are tough,” the official blows.

The people survive in slums, slalom between the dismantled bins and only change through intermediate shocks. The only thing that is needed is for the magazine to explode. And since the three men killed by guns in the subway are traders on Wall Street, the newspapers complain their front page of the protesters’ slogan: Kill the Rich. The rich those who have done something with their lives, summarizes the mayor in the film. Unlike “people who are nothing” described by Emmanuel Macron.

World tour of the struggles. These simple ingredients in the shaker shaken by Hollywood are enough to make it prankster a political phenomenon. Three days before his French release, Juan Branco, a smart 30-year-old lawyer who likes to theorize social movements and radical left, knows this when he starts the debate with a tweet. He has a controversy in gold. ” The Joker, an ode to rebellion and especially yellow coats, starts wild at the American cash register. Symbolically it is a huge step. Since then, messages have been raining on social networks to underline that finally yellow jackets have chosen a leader: the Joker. Acta, an extremely leftist autonomous and partisan, for his part, believes that Hollywood yellow vest was because in the film a white subproletarian the passive victim status has endured and subjected to that of an actor of his own destiny “.

Director Todd Phillips travels the world in two hours. Yellow Vests in France, Extinction Rebellion in England, the election of Trump thanks to the support of the forgotten in the United States … The rebellions of the whole world flow in here prankster. Everyone sees his struggle. Hong Kong. Barcelona. Venezuela. On the popular Reddit internet forum, a user posts the photo of a tag in Puerto Rico. We see the head of a clown with the message “Kill the rich”.

in front of prankster, many films have staged social inequalities. The Cannes Palme 2019, parasites, played the contrast between rich and poor in South Korea. But this time the work is enough plastic to please all the rebels of the world. This is another sign of the time. As long as there is the possibility of creating chaos, right and left extremists can come together – as was the case in December 2018 on the Champs Elysees.

“The film takes the excuse of the class struggle to turn away and attack the American dream, Judge Jonathan Fricket, essayist and author of an informative reading of the film for the site of liberal inspiration Contrepoints. We can put the Joker in a kind of Lenin places, but it’s actually more complex. This is the story of a madman who lives in an environment that makes him even crazier. ”

Silent majority. In support of his argument, Jonathan Fricket calls on the economist Milton Friedman. In a society where the foundations are shaky, “the permanent infusion of public money” maintains the building as well as possible. When the flow of this infusion slows or stops, the structure collapses. The Joker loses his social guidance, his work, his family, his friends and lets his madness explode. The subsidy freezes is the spark that ignites the powders, not the fire itself.

A spark like rising gas prices? Always yellow. During the great national debate, a minister was saddened by the lack of collective interest in speaking French: “Everyone speaks of their own demands. The yellow jackets were a phenomenon of” collective synchronization, “said Bruno Breton, CEO of Bloom, a company specializing in the analysis of social networks. At a time T “mobilize common themes, without prior consultation”. prankster, people suffer in their corner and eventually become part of the pathetic story of Arthur Fleck. A collective interest in clutter.

De Joker does not believe in a political project, he says. His only desire is to be heard by his boss, his friends, the media. It is part of the silent majority because it is no longer being listened to, the one that Ronald Reagan, president of the United States at the time prankster unfolds, called silent majority. This “majority” has now found the floor on the street and at the polls. On October 10, a poll for the Foundation for political innovation and Le Figaro concluded that three out of four French were seduced by an anti-system vote.

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