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Amazon and Netflix are welcome at the French film festival in Hollywood

Amazon and Netflix are welcome at the French film festival in Hollywood

The best of French cinema in Hollywood: this is the calling of Colcoa, the most important festival dedicated to French film in the world where Amazon and Netflix are both present at a good place in the programming this year.

The 23rd edition (23 to 28 September) presents the opening of Ladj Ly & # 39; s film "Les Misérables", which caused a sensation in Cannes, where he won the jury prize. And wherever it was purchased by Amazon for its video-on-demand service.

This is the first time that an Amazon film has found its way to Colcoa (for "City of Lights, City of Angels"), which will also present "I lost my body" this year, animation film by Jeremy Clapin purchased by Netflix in Cannes , wherever he was awarded.

So far, relationships between tense giants and festivals have been rather tense, especially in France, where the Cannes film festival has refused to allow Netflix-produced films to compete.

But Colcoa cannot cope with that kind of mood when it comes to making French films known to the American public, which costs a lot of streaming, explains AFP director, François Truffart.

"It will be very difficult"

"For French cinema, the American market is very specific and cinema spending is very weak," he says. "Five or six years ago a French film could have a turnover of five or six million dollars in (American) cinemas, which is a lot for a foreign film."

"But today, if you get a million dollars, it's a good result, it's really very difficult," says Truffart, who still prefers the idea that works in theaters are released before being broadcast on the internet.

"Les Miserables" and "I lost my body" will first be broadcast in some American cinemas before being put online, a strategy that Amazon and Netflix sometimes follow, especially for works that have a chance of winning. & # 39; get prizes, such as "Roma" from Alfonso Cuaron.

"Here it is not France, we do not have the same concerns," remarks François Truffart. "The worst thing for us would be that there are no foreign films in theaters in the US anymore. We really need to build partnerships with all players in the industry," says Colcoa.

The festival, which attracts around 25,000 spectators, will present a total of more than 25 films, including the new Adults in the Room from Costa Gavras, adapted from the book by the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis about the financial crisis . , "The young Ahmed" by the Dardenne brothers and "Two Me" by Cédric Klapisch.

Iconic French cinema, Catherine Deneuve, in "Fête de famille" by Cédric Kahn, must also be watched by American cinema visitors. They will also discover the film that Algeria will represent next year at the Oscars, "Papicha", Mounia Meddour, again awarded in Cannes.

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